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Items For Sale - Listed Below

WB8REH- Equipment for sale

Jim - WB8REH - Listing 090130

for more info
Email Jim at  wb8reh@arrl.net

(Sold as of 090324)
RadioShack HTX-200 2 Meter 200mW or 2 Watt output no TT Pad.
Like new in box No instructions  RadioShack has them on the web.                      $25.00 

(Sold as of 090324)
RadioShack HTX-245 2/440 Meter TT Pad 700mW or 1.5 Watt output
Like new  Includes Speaker mike with VOX.
    No box No instructions RadioShack has them on the web.                                $45.00

Yaesu FT-530 HT dual band cross band vox new battery charger complete          $250.00
original owner? Not sure about this one yet

(Sold as of 090319)

Radioshack HTX-252 25 watt 2 meter mobile with TT mike. Brand New in Box       $85.00

MFJ-1278 Multimode TNC CW had 1 update done by MFJ.  Have books uses 12 volt supply.    
has RTTY, PACTOR, Packet 300/1200, Amtor, SSTV, Navtex, CW and FAX capability. Works fine   $60.00                    

 Vintage KnightKit T-60 AM CW  60 watt transmitter and  R55A Receiver all have been referbed.    $125.00

I will sell several 11 meter radios, some  vintage tube types and some solid state. reasonable         $10 to 25 bucks

Will have more as time goes on I clearing out the shack.

Marv - KC8MLD - Listing 080924

for more info
Email kc8mld@lighthouse.net

For Photos of items listed below please contact Marv


The following items are offered for sale and are from the estateof Mr. Dennis Csondor–Amateur Call WA8AFV, of Eaton
Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Csondor became a silent key in 2007. I
acquired the equipment from Mr. Csondor’s son, Drew and as a
favor to him, am trying to liquidate this equipment on his behalf.

Most of the equipment has been checked out to as great a degree as
possible and in some cases as safety dictated. With few exceptions,
most of the pieces in this sale should be considered as bench projects.

It should be said that Mr. Csondor was a heavy smoker and as a result,
this equipment has been subjected to large amounts of second hand
smoke. The majority of the pieces are highly stained both inside and
out with nicotine. An attempt has been made to remove the stains from
those pieces which were/are stained the most.

The pieces in this sale have been grouped together in such a manner
as to suggest that they will be sold as a package. If interest is there
for the sale of individual pieces, then I may consider breaking down
the package and selling pieces individually, but only as a last resort.


All inquiries regarding this sale may be directed to me:
M. L. De Witt –KC8MLD. Please direct any and all
your questions and concerns via eMail. My address is
kc8mld@lighthouse.net . If your questions are of a
technical nature, you will be referred to Mr. Ken
Demeray –W8SOO who has an extra class ticket and
has been a Ham for over 40 years. He attends a lot of
swaps and was the individual that checked out most of
this equipment and gave me direction as to the condition
and the pricing of these items.

Conditions of the Sale

1. All items in this list are being sold “As Is” with no written
guarantees, either implied or expressed.

2. Terms are to be either a bank draft, a prepaid postalmoney
order, or cash.

3. The purchaser assumes all packaging and shipping costs.

4. All Sales are final! [Buyer beware, review item #1}




This is a solid-state,
eight channel, crystal
controlled scanner.

With the following

460.550 / 460.425

460.300 / 460.275


When plugged in, everything lit up, the
squelch acted as if it were functioning, and it
didn’t smoke or start a fire.


Honeywell Nikor

Power Supply


Input: 120 VAC @

50-60 Hz

Output: 12 VAC @

100 VA

This piece is not AR
related but is part of the
equipment acquired. It
is used with a
Honeywell photo



S-20 R Sky Champion


For someone interested in fine pieces
of antique radio equipment, this will
make someone a very good bench
project. It is in poor condition at
best. For starters it is missing a 6F6
audio output tube, the AC line cord
needs to be replaced (new one
included), the capacitors need to be
upgraded and most of the wiring is
original, i.e., cloth/rubber insulated
and in poor condition and needs
replacing. This comes with no
manuals, schematics or additional


From the previous slide, Item A is an Elmac AF-68 Transmitter. This too
is probably a bench project. There is no manual or a schematic.The
modulation transformer may or may not be working. Problems withthe
transformer within this unit was common. This unit was not powered up
as there was no power supply cord available. The paper capacitors
should be replaced. Replacing the “black beauties” is also called for.

Mr. Csondor obviously powered this unit with Item B, also shown on the
previous slide.

This is a Multi-Products M –1070 Power supply, Serial # 3393. This
pwr supply is rated as DC input: 6V @ 25 Amps and 12V @ 13 Amps.,
or AC input: 105 –117VAC @ 60 cycles and 1.5 Amps.

The power cord connecting the two units needs to be with a round11 pin
connector at the pwr supply and with a 15 pin Jone’splug at the radio.
The tubes were not checked in the power supply.

Priced as a package:


The items on the previous page are to be sold as a package and are vintage Heathkit

The transmitter is a Model SB-401. The case has been cleaned however, the chassis
is loaded with nicotine. A temporary pwr cord was fabricated, the unit lit up, the HV
output was showing ~ 800V/DC however, there was no output to theantenna. All of
the relay switches need to be cleaned and if done this unit will probablyfunction.

The receiver is a Model SB-303. This case has not been cleaned nor has the chassis.
The AC line cord is missing but it too was temporarily fabricated and the unit
charged. It receives on all bands. The LMO needs to be realigned as it doesn’t work
correctly across the band. The receiver also needs to be realigned.

The Wattmeter is a Model HM –102. The wattmeter works reasonably accurately.
But the SWR Bridge does not work in that it won’t calibrate. The switches need to be

Complete or partial manuals have been downloaded from the internet for this
equipment and will be supplied but all cables will have be to acquired from another
source or fabricated at the bench.

The desk mike, Item B in this package is an Astatic Model D-104 on
an Astatic Stand, Model G. It is pinned to mate with the SB -401.

Total package: $350.00

Again, any inquiries regarding this equipment may
be addressed to M. L. De Witt –KC8MLD at
kc8mld@lighthouse.net. Your looking at this
equipment list is greatly appreciated as would be
your consideration. 73

Marv - KC8MLD
Rudyard, MI

KD8CCS - Listing - 070403

2 meter rigs for sale:

(Sold as of 070419)
   Yaesu 2800  In Box / Programmed - Michigan  $ 150.00)

 (Sold as of 070718)
Icom 2100H  In Box / Programmed - Michigan  $ 125.00)
 ( Both rigs were KD8DHY's - Like new condition)
Thank You
Don Meadows
KD8CCS call on - 3.921 MHz or 146.520 MHz
Telephone - 989-370-1297