Lighthouse Special Event

August 17 -19th , 2007

Cheboygan Front Range Light

Gary , K8IKW and the members of the Oakland County ARPSC and Oakland county radio clubs , in association with Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association announce the holding of a special event radio operation on the grounds of the Cheboygan Front Range Light , in downtown Cheboygan, near Gordon Turner Park and Beach on the weekend of Friday ,August 17 to Sunday August 19,2007. The radio special event will use the callsign K8S for its operations and is inviting all local ham clubs and individual ham operators who wish to visit and /or operate with us to come to this event. Further information and details and to express desire to operate this special event station may be directed to Gary Sklar, K8IKW at his email
Any and all members of the Northern Michigan Amateur Radio Association are especially notified and invited to this event.
Gary K8ikw