Michigan E-Com Survey

To address concerns expressed by the Amateur Radio E-Com community. And to improve our E-Com Preparedness in Michigan, please take a moment and complete the following survey.

This E-Com Survey is open to all Licensed Amateur Radio Operators in Michigan.

The final results will be posted at the NMARES yahoo group site which is  available  at


To have your comments and results included in the final summary,  please email them to nmares@core.com  on or before May 31, 2011.

(Note : Please limit your comments to 120 alpha numeric characters for this summary)

A: Your  Amateur Radio Call Sign:

(all call signs will be kept confidential  after they are verified,  and will not be included in the  posted results)

B: Your County of Residence:

(your county of residence will be posted in results)

 C: Your State of Residence:

(non Michigan residence’s will not be posted in results)



Survey Questions Below - On a Scale from 1 to 10, with one being the worst and ten being excellent please answer the following questions.


1: How would you rate your interaction support, and communication with your county  Emergency Management Office & Officials?


2: How would you rate your interaction, support, and communication with your District Emergency Management Office & Officials?


3: How would you rate your interaction, support and communication with your State Emergency Management Office & Officials? 


4: How can we as Amateur Radio E-Com Providers improve the above?


5: How can Emergency Management Offices and Officials improve the above?

(keep all comments constructive,  no results containing personal attacks and or profanity will be included in the final survey results)  








Cut and past your response to this survey in your email to nmares@core.com  using “NMARES Survey “ as the subject for your  email.













Thanks for your response to this Michigan  E-Com  Survey!


Lets Get Radio Active!


Thanks - 73 for Now
Jim Davis - KC8NTE      

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